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Air Ride Hitch TS3 for Reese Rails

The TS3 air ride fifth wheel hitch fits into standard slotted hitch rails such as Reese, Valley, Drawtite, Husky and RBW. It was designed for the ¾ and one ton trailer hitch market which includes the Dodge 2500 and 3500, Ford F250 & F350, and the GM 2500 & 3500. We also find it works very well with the Ford F450 and F550. We also see our air ride trailer hitches in the new Chevy/GMC 4500 and 5500.

The TS3 air ride hitch is our newest design based on our popular TSLB. This air ride hitch has an operating height of 14”. For those people needing a taller operating height, we offer a 2” or 3” spacer kit option. The TS3 air ride hitch is rated for trailers up to 4,500 pounds of pin weight and up to 20,000 pounds of trailer weight.

PullRite makes bracket and rail systems to fit their 15.5 and 20.5 hitches. We have now made an adapter to fit their rails. They have also developed SuperRails with SuperBrackets that are easily removable from the bed. This solves the age old problem of wanting a clean bed floor. Now you can remove the TS3 and the rails!

Installation for the TS3 air ride hitch is a breeze that only involves setting it into existing rails and inserting 4 pins. We do have 2 compressor options for people that want something more than the standard Schrader valve.

An option for the TS3 is a gooseneck adapter. Go to the TSLB page and click on the bottom of the 4 thumbnails to see the gooseneck on a TSLB.

See why people like our motto: "TrailerSaver, the Name Says it All"

TS3 unit $2220 plus Shipping
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  • Vinyl cover for TS3 $76.00
  • 2” spacer kit for 16” run height $115.00
  • 3” spacer kit for 17” run height $115.00
  • Compressor and switch installed $140.00
    (12 volt compressor installed inside hitch and push button switch installed on side of hitch)
  • Compressor and remote control $125.00
    (12 volt compressor installed inside hitch. Includes air line, gauge, and electric switch installed in dash panel assembly)
  • Pneumatic paddle control assembly $90.00
    (For trucks with an onboard air tank. Includes air line, gauge, and paddle control switch installed in dash panel assembly)
  • Pullrite 15.5 and 20.5 adapter bracket $80

20 Reasons to buy TrailerSaver TS3 Air Ride Hitches

  1. 20,000 pound Gross Trailer Rating
  2. 4,500 pound pin weight rating
  3. Works on standard slotted rails (Reese, Valley, Draw-Tite, Husky, and RBW)
  4. Adaptable to Pull-Rite Super Rails
  5. Heavy duty Holland/Binkley head
  6. Articulates side to side 7 degrees
  7. Adaptable to Gooseneck trailers
  8. High hinge point prevents forward or aft travel
  9. True vertical motion
  10. Air compressor option enables control from the cab
  11. Available vinyl cover option
  12. Handles trailers from 27’ to 42’
  13. Exclusive use of Donvel air ride control system
  14. Uses Push To Connect (PTC) air fittings
  15. Shipped fully assembled
  16. Computer controlled manufacturing process
  17. Industrial grade paint with epoxy primer
  18. Long life with low maintenance
  19. Completed Products Liability Insurance
  20. 3 Year written limited warranty

Air Ride Hitch TS3
Installation & Operation
  Holland Head "Hook-up"


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