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TrailerSaver Horse Hitch Products ... The Name Says It All!

Don't You Deserve a Comfortable Ride?
Wouldn't you prefer the comfort of Air Ride for your cargo?

The TrailerSaver Gooseneck Air Ride Coupler –

Points to Consider

  • Easy to install—takes less than 15 minutes.
  • Less fatigue for you and your horses.
  • Easier on your trailer with less vibration and shock.
  • Fully enclosed, no air bags exposed to the elements.
  • 4 small air bags for tight, precise control of your ride.
  • Fulton coupler makes hooking and unhooking a breeze!
  • And... Be the first on the block with the best ride!

There are a few companies marketing an air ride coupler for gooseneck applications, but none like the TrailerSaver. Other companies use 2 large air bags and are quite wide. The GN4 uses 4 small air bags and is only 14" wide! The GN8 is only 17” wide. We also have the ability to remotely release the gooseneck ball by using the Fulton GN24 coupler. The Fulton GN24 coupler is rated at up to a 24,000 pound trailer and that is the limit that we put on both of our gooseneck air couplers.

The ride is superb! Your horses will love it. Maybe you have an antique car that you tote around. Again, there is more protection for that valuable cargo.

The GN4 is primarily for trailers towed by 3/4 ton trucks. The “4” in its designation signifies up to 4000 pounds of vertical load on the tongue. The GN4 works well with the typical 2 or 3 horse trailer.

If you run a bigger trailer, consider our GN8. The “8” in its designation signifies up to 8000 pounds of vertical load. Both couplers are rated for up to a 24,000 pound trailer.

GN4 unit $1793

GN8 unit $2179
All prices plus freight from Kentucky.
Ask about our easy payment plan

We have mitered the front corners on our gooseneck air couplers. Not only does it look good, it removes concerns with objects that could be in the way. So, on a GN4, we can have a fuel tank or toolbox within 9” of the gooseneck ball.

Horsehitch.com manufactures Gooseneck Air Cushion Trailer Hitches for all types of trailers. The gooseneck air couplers feature the Fulton GN24 coupler.

Check out the Specifications and give us a call with your application.

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